6) Ajna/Brow/Third Eye Chakra – (1 Hour Meditation, Balancing and Tuning)

Taos Winds Spirit MusicNovember 28, 2017

5) Vishuddha or Throat Chakra – (1 hour Meditation, Balancing and Tuning)

Taos Winds Spirit MusicNovember 27, 2017

5 Minutes Energy Quick Booster: “Power to the People” – Fight Fatigue and Energize Yourself

Brainwave Power MusicNovember 26, 2017

6 Hour Deep Meditation Music: Relaxing Music, Soothing Music, Calming Music, Relaxation ☯1679

Body Mind ZoneNovember 24, 2017

10 Minutes Music Spiritual Prayer : “The Stairway To The Universe” – Peaceful, Calming, Relaxation

Brainwave Power MusicNovember 20, 2017

“Into The Depths Of Your Soul” Singing Bowls Energy Cleanse and Calming Music

Brainwave Power MusicNovember 17, 2017

Third Eye Activation Mastery – Kundalini – Chakra, Meditation, Spiritual, Energy, Awakening

Brainwave Power MusicNovember 16, 2017

“Enlightenment” 4 Hours Relaxing & Beautiful Music with Soft Rain & Flute

Brainwave Power MusicNovember 15, 2017

1 Hour Relaxing Flute Music: “Hillside Pastures” – Feel Good with THETA and DELTA Waves

Brainwave Power MusicNovember 14, 2017

Quick Motivation Frequency 183Hz “Boost Your Power To Success” – Be Confident, Achieve Your Goals

Brainwave Power MusicNovember 13, 2017

5-Minute Quick Booster! “Grounding Meditation” – Feel Deeply Relaxed and Stress-Free Instantly

Brainwave Power MusicNovember 12, 2017

Daily Manifestation: “Lannister Aura Booster” – 10 Minutes Music for Wealth and Abundance

Brainwave Power MusicNovember 11, 2017

Your Place of Dreams (1 hour Relaxation/Meditation)

Taos Winds Spirit MusicNovember 10, 2017

1 Hour Background Music for Reading: “The Book Nook” – For Relaxation & Stress Relief

Brainwave Power MusicNovember 9, 2017

The Sounds of War – A Chilling Reminder of What its like to Live in a War Torn Place

Brainwave Power MusicNovember 7, 2017

Deep Meditation Music, Calming Peaceful Music, Yoga Music, Gentle Sleep (Solitary Healing Chant)

Jason StephensonOctober 5, 2017

8 Hours Lucid Dreaming Music: “FLOATING IN YOUR DREAMS” – Deep Sleep, Relaxation, Fantasy

Brainwave Power MusicOctober 3, 2017

1 Hour Soft Piano Music for Deep Relaxation – “Pianoforte” – Peaceful Delta and Theta Waves

Brainwave Power MusicOctober 2, 2017

Music for meditating – meditate in peace

Meditation VacationSeptember 26, 2017

3 Hour Reiki Relaxation Music: Calming Zen Music, Chakra Healing, Meditation Music ☯1680

Body Mind ZoneSeptember 24, 2017

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